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Dear Members of the Tufts Community,

Tufts University is committed to treating all members of our community − including those who work on our campuses but are not our employees – with respect, fairness and transparency.

I am pleased that the University administration and the Tufts Labor Coalition recently signed an agreement describing how we will apply these shared values to our janitorial services, which are provided by DTZ.

We agreed that changes in our current janitorial system are necessary and that plans for change should seek to minimize negative impacts on janitors and should be communicated honestly and openly.

The full agreement can be found here.  View Agreement

We look forward to providing further updates as they are available in the new year.


Patricia L. Campbell, Executive Vice President

Linda Snyder, Vice President for Operations


The Tufts University Operations division, through its more than 350 staff members, manages the physical plants, safety operations, and dining services on all three university campuses. These include:

  • Dining Services: Prepares and serves food and beverage for the students, staff and faculty in nine venues on the Medford/Somerville campus. Manages vendor contracts for the bookstores, as well as laundry, vending and food services on the Boston and Grafton campuses.
  • Facilities Services: If you have a Facilities Service Request, Click Here for the On-Line Service Request.  Operates and maintains 5 million square feet of buildings and utility infrastructure. Implements the renovation of these properties and supervises the design and construction of new buildings.
  • Mail Services: Handles incoming and outgoing U.S. mail and interdepartmental mail for the entire university. Provides same day service for sorting, delivering and metering mail
  • Public and Environmental Safety: Responsible for the Tufts University Police Department, Environmental Health and Safety, and Emergency Management on all campuses. Operations’ environmental health and safety specialists oversee biological, chemical, radiation, air quality, public health and fire safety issues and incidents.
  • Walnut Hill: Manages all ancillary real estate and non-Tufts property leases, including 75 residential properties occupied by graduate students, faculty and staff, and more than 100,000 square feet of office/industrial/laboratory space.
  • Planning: Manages the university’s space utilization database and coordinates university user group needs to provide proactive planning for future space requirements.
  • Information Technology: Administers the technology required to effectively operate our departments with the most up to date tools and an eye toward the future.

Operations encourages feedback from anyone in the university community to more efficiently and effectively provide services. Please call or email:

Linda Snyder
Vice President of Operations
617.627.3334 or linda.snyder@tufts.edu