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Project Manager:  Chris Baryluk
Construction Manager:  Walsh Brothers
Construction Start:  May 22, 2018
Construction Completion:  August 17, 2018


This summer, Carmichael Hall will undergo work to deliver improvements to various building components.  While the work is not a full renovation, many elements of the building will be affected.  The Carmichael food service kitchen will receive long overdue upgrades to help improve the food service operation.  Work includes a new walk in freezer, ventilation hoods, chiller, and upgraded electrical service to accommodate the new equipment.  New flooring will be installed in the residential rooms on floors 1-3, completing a full building replacement that begun on floors 4 and 5.  All rooms will receive new card-activated electronic locks and closer hardware.  The asphalt roof will be replaced completely, restarting a 30-year usable life.

While most of the work is contained inside of the building, the area immediately around Carmichael will be closed in with construction fencing, affecting parking and pedestrian travel on the Rez Quad.  Please sign up for the mailing list at for any announcements of road closures and planned electrical service disruptions caused by this work.