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Tufts Facilities removing icicles from West Hall in the winter

Removing icicles from West Hall during the winter

Mixed Recycling Station

A mixed recycling waste station

Tufts Facilities performs mechanical work on top of the heating plant

Mechanical work being done on the Central Heating Plant

Welcome to Facilities Services!

The Facilities Services department supports the Boston, Grafton and Medford/Somerville campuses with:

  • Operations and Maintenance - managing 5 million square feet of buildings and properties
  • Project Administration – programming, design and project management of new buildings and grounds
  • Renovation – overseeing major renovations of facilities and infrastructure

Each member of the Facilities Services team is committed to providing superior customer service to students, faculty and staff in a prompt, professional manner.

Refer to the Service Request page to read about our services or to make a request. Please note that we have stopped using paper IDRs. Click here to learn more.