Custodial Services


C&W Services model continues to be performance based. Tufts and C&W Services contract states that the campus will be cleaned in accordance with the American Physical Plant Association’s (APPA) #2 Cleaning Standard (Exceeds Standard). This standard is one of ordinary tidiness, consisting of: clean floor coverings, clean litter containers with little waste, lack of odor in all areas, clean and sparking glass, little or no dust accumulation, and orderly furniture.

Clinic areas deserve special attention and have been designated to be cleaned at the #1 Exceptional Standard. This standard stresses that all floors must be bright and clean, litter containers with little or no waste shown, furniture in orderly places, no dust on vertical surfaces, and lastly, glass left sparkling.


Custodians are responsible for emptying individual recycling bins once per week when offices are cleaned, and central recycling bins are emptied daily. In Grafton the custodians will gladly perform this service upon request.

Facilities Services provides recycling bins upon request: call x73810 or email

C&W Services Medford day shift meeting for the annual recycling review. Miller Hall September 2011