Boston Campus Events

Notice: Please provide Facilities Services at least two weeks’ notice prior to your scheduled event.  All last minute requests (within two business days prior to the event start time) are subject to a late charge fee of $50.

Facilities Services will arrange furniture or specialty item rental and services if the space you are reserving is not already equipped with sufficient tables and chairs. Rentals can be arranged through Facilities Services with one-month prior notice. There will be a charge for all rentals and outside vendor services.

If food and beverage will be served, it is necessary to arrange for custodial clean-up.

Planning an event on the Boston campus?

Follow these steps:

1. Reserve Your Meeting Room

Contact the Office of  Educational Affairs at 617.636.6621 to reserve your room. Click here to access the room request form for the Dental Building at 1 Kneeland Street.

2. Create a Facilities Service Online Service Request

Create a Facilities Service Online Service Request.

Then please specify the following on the request:

  • Event Start Date and Time
  • Event Finish Date and Time
  • Building location and room number(s)
  • Number of people
  • Type of event (class, meeting, lunch, etc.)
  • Type of room arrangement, attach a sketch of your requirements if necessary
  • Additional trash/recycle barrels
  • Coat racks, portable blackboards, whiteboards, easels.
  • Whether food and beverages are being served (if so, please include your Dept.ID information)
  • Dept.ID (and Project/Grant # if required) to cover all charges (rentals, off hours, clean up for events with food, etc.)

4. Reserve Audio/Visual Equipment

Determine your need for A/V equipment. Most classrooms are equipped with a projector. Contact Educational Media (617.636.0931) for podiums, microphones and additional A/V equipment.

5. Confirm Catering Details

Please contact Corporate Chefs at 617.636.0540 for information on catering options.

6. Schedule a Police Detail

A police detail is required for all events at which alcoholic beverages will be served as well as all events in the Dental Building after 7:00PM.  Please contact Boston Public Safety at 617.636.6610 to schedule a detail.

Please contact Robert Chaban, the Boston Special Events Coordinator, at 617.636.6612 with any questions and/or concerns.