Keys and Locks

Key Requests

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for implementing all key and lock change requests. In order to facilitate these requests, departments must follow this procedure:

  1. The authorized requester for a department must login below or click here to open the webmaint portal in another window.
  2. Choose “Submit a request for Key, Lock or Card Access” from the dropdown. Choose the correct campus and building. Choose the correct access request type from the dropdown menu.
  3. When requesting for multiple recipients, please fill out the ‘Key Code or Access Level’, ‘Location (building, room)’, ‘Responsible User’s Name’ and ‘UTLN’ boxes for each person access or a key is being requested for. Click the circle to the right of the ‘UTLN’ box to create an new row of boxes for each subsequent person keys or card access is being requested for.
  4. When picking up keys, bring the work order number and your Tufts ID. The ID card is scanned as proof of pickup.

Maintenance and Repair

Facilities Services is responsible for maintenance and repair of all door locks.  Please submit a Service Request for all repairs.