Bulk Mailing (Nonprofit Standard)

Criteria and Procedures

A bulk mailing consists of 200 or more pieces of mail or 50 pounds of mail. All pieces must be identical in size and texture. They must be faced and if they are flats, they must be bundled according to zip code. Pieces are not forwardable or returnable without additional cost.

If your department has a large mailing (domestic mail only) that qualifies as “bulk mail”, it may be processed under the Tufts University Mailing Permit (Standard – Non-Profit) at the non-profit rate. However, certain criteria must be met, and the following procedures should be followed:

  1. Only “University” material is to be mailed under Permit 1161. The permit is not to be shared, rented, delegated or lent to any other organization. Joint ventures or advertising for “for-profit” entities (i.e. travel agents, hotels, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
  2. To qualify for the non-profit bulk rate, the “Non-Profit” indicia must be affixed to the upper right corner of each mailing piece. Sheila (x73495) will provide your department with a stamp for that purpose.
  3. Because the mailing permit is under Tufts University’s name, the United States Postal Service (USPS) requires that the first line of the sender’s address on each piece of mail should read “Tufts University.” In other words, if the first line on the return address of your mailing reads “Fletcher School,” it will not qualify for the non-profit rate under the Tufts University Bulk Mailing Permit.
  4. Mailing of non-profit letter-size (3 1/2″ x 5″ minimum and 6 1/8″ x 11 1/2″ maximum) mail – does not need to be sorted nor bundled and should be placed in trays.
      • green “3″ sticker.
      • If neither of these qualifications can be met, the list of “ADC’s” must be used next. Each “ADC” (Area Distribution Center) has a range of zip codes called “ADC” (list available from Sheila at x73495) that they handle. Any pieces that fall into that range are to be bundled with an “ADC” sticker indicating that these pieces are going to the same “ADC.”
      • The final assorted pieces that cannot be sorted by previous standards are bundled with an “MS” sticker.

  1. Mailing of non-profit flats – need to be prepared, counted, zip code sorted, and bundled by your department.
    1. bundle is 10 or more pieces that meet the same sortation qualification below:
      • If 10 or more pieces have the same 5-digit zip code, they are bundled (2 rubber bands – 1 horizontal and 1 vertical) and a red letter “D” sticker (if you need stickers, please contact Sheila at x73495) is applied to the top piece of the bundle.
      • If this qualification is not possible, bundle the pieces with the same first 3 zip code digits and mark accordingly with a

How to Prepare for Mail Services Distribution

An IDR should be sent to Mail Services along with your bulk mailing. If mailing is letter-size and needs to be sealed by Mail Services, flaps must be left “up” (facilitates the sealing process).

How to Prepare for Mail House Distribution

Prior to your mailing being sent to a Mail House, please send an IDR to Mail Services (to Sheila’s attention) detailing as much information as possible (i.e. date of mailing, name of Mail House, number of pieces, best estimate of cost of mailing against the University Permit #1161 account). This allows Mail Services to ensure that there are sufficient funds available for your mailing. In addition, it is important for you to have the Mail House fax over to Mail Services (617-627-2161) and to your department  a completed copy of the bulk mailing form (#3602) that the Mail House submits to the USPS when they drop off your bulk mailing. This form will be used to reconcile the bulk mailing actual cost to the USPS Permit Report for the period.