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In support of the goals established by the Campus Sustainability Council, Tufts’ resource management contractor, Save That Stuff Inc. (STS), is responsible for solid waste minimization and recycling on all three campuses. As a part of this new partnership, STS will help Tufts assess our total solid waste output and create a comprehensive waste minimization program which will include expanded recycling. STS is now collecting our trash, paper, glass, metal, and plastic university-wide, and will continue to collect food waste from several Medford campus eateries.

STS was instrumental in helping Boston University’s recycling rate grow from 3% to 34% over a three year period and for helping Boston College reach a 50% diversion rate over an eight year collaboration. We anticipate that this partnership will yield equally impressive results for Tufts.

Although the Dental School has a mixed-recycling program (glass, metal, paper, and plastic all in one) that caters to the varied backgrounds of the clinic patients, the rest of Tufts utilizes a dual stream approach, which means the paper is kept separate to help retain its high resale value. Single stream will be considered if our waste stream profiles reveal that it would help us reach our ambitious goals. In the meantime, please help us continue to keep our paper and boxes separate from other materials.

Need a quick refresher on recycling at Tufts? Check out this article published in the August 2013 issue of the Tufts publication, Periscope.