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No Paper Hats Here

by Dawn Quirk
Does the smash hit finale at the National Recycling Coalition’s 2007 ExpoDoes “recycled fashion show” conjure up images of Hawaiian skirts made from paper shreds or give flashbacks from Project Runway’s season three Waste Not Want Not episode? Then you need to see Nancy Judd’s Recycle Runway collection.
Her work received a well more »

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Paper vs. Plastic?

by Dawn Quirk
Are you really still wondering?
Read The Washington Post’s report that reuse is best.
Tip – if you forget to bring bags on your next trip to buy groceries, just grab some from the plastic bag recycling bin. Most grocery stores have one near the check out.

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Stick-Free Packaging – A Ketchup Lover’s Dream

by Dawn Quirk
Let me set the scene…You are shaking a bottle of ketchup for the last drops when a disturbing farting noise ruins your appetite, not to mention your popularity. We’ve all been there. Not only can these sticky condiments be embarrassing, but they also pose problems for plastics recyclers. According to Sciencedaily.com more »

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