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Plastic Bags

by Dawn Quirk
According to EPA, the global annual consumption of plastic bags is 500 billion to 1 trillion. What’s even worse is that less than 1% of these bags are recycled! Click on the link below to see the effects of plastic bags consumption and the failure to recycle these bags.more »

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Recycling: To Bail or Not to Bail???

by Dawn Quirk
When we tuned in last semester to the state of recycling both nationally and internationally was in peril. The fallout for large recycling firms from the global economic crisis was a major slowdown as need across the board for project materials dwindled. With a lack of demand for resources more »

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Freshman Dorms Take Mania into Own Hands

by Dawn Quirk
The heat of RecycleMania is rising with the independent, intra-dorm recycling competition between Haskell and Tilton. Brainchild of the Tilton-Haskell Advisory Board, a group of freshmen planning and executing various community-service and community-building projects, the competition put more than just bragging rights and recycling glory on the line: the more »

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From Earth 911- The Pizza Box Mystery

Published on March 2nd, 2009

The Pizza Box Mystery
by Lori Brown
Many people assume that pizza boxes are recyclable. In fact, most boxes have recycling symbols on them and are traditionally made from corrugated cardboard. They are, in and of themselves, recyclable.
Have we got you hooked? more »

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