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TuftsRecycles! Composts the President's Picnic 2012

by C.J.
After the craziness of Commencement, the President’s Picnic is a great opportunity for the remaining students, faculty, and staff to relax with some down-home barbeque food and some lemonade on the Lawn. More important for us: after our sustainability success at Commencement by processing over 5000 meals, we were able to relax more »

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TuftsRecycles! Composts Commencement 2012

by C.J.
Commencement is a big deal, period, full stop. The speeches, the crying, the tearful last-minute hugs on the sun-basked hill before grad school and the working world all make for an unforgettable day. And don’t forget the senior luncheon: feeding over 10,000 people is no small matter. But what about processing the more »

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