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Win prizes all month long by donating and recycling during Move-Out! You could win a gift card to Tenoch, Danish Pastry House, J.P. Licks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Dave’s Fresh Pasta. Learn how .

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R2ePACK: Back Again!

As the bell tolls 10:00 PM, Tufts students pull themselves out of their books and into the only hour of the day not deemed “quiet” by ResLife during finals period. » read

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R2ePACK. Or, the dirty things you left behind

by Mina Brewer
The spring semester is over, and campus is dead. You’ve packed up, moved out, and gone home for the summer. But  the work’s not over…at least for the Tufts Recycles! team. If you’ve been on campus these past few weeks, you may have seen a small group of people lugging big more »

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R2epack Continues!

by Mina Brewer
With students moving out every day now, the piles of unwanted clothes, lamps, mirrors, and school supplies keep rising. But our trash may be someone’s treasure! All the clothes we collect from R2epack go to Goodwill, and the Tufts Green House (Latin Way 250s) will be giving away these used dorm more »

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The Freedom to Freecycle!

by Colby Sameshima
It’s that time of the year, where your laundry basket is overflowing, and you’re realizing that maybe you don’t actually need the multiple lamps you bought at the beginning of the school year. Being a model citizen, you decide you will bring the items to goodwill. But you have that french more »

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Tufts Recycles! featured in the summer Periscope newsletter

by Dawn Quirk
Thank you to our Human Resources department for publishing this easy to read summary of our most important recycling matters!

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How I Met Your Discards

A look inside R2ePack

by Stephanie Heatley-Quinlan
Ever wonder who picks up all the stuff left behind in the donation boxes when the students leave for the summer or for that matter where it goes? Tufts Recycles! is here to clear your confusion! It all takes place in steps; after all more »

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R²ePack 2012 By The Numbers (And In Pictures!)

by C.J.
Happy summer to all graduating and returning students! While you were packing up your dorm rooms and fiddling with CollegeBoxes, the TuftsRecycles! team was hard at work collecting assorted items for R²ePACK 2012.

 What is R²ePACK?! Good question! R²ePACK is our move-out initiative in which students are asked to Reuse more »

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Jumbo Drop No More; It's Time to R2ePack!

by Dawn Quirk

As people may have heard, we no longer have the Jumbo Drop program at Tufts University. This year we are trying something different. The Jumbo Drop program has been renamed the R2epack project. R2epack is an acronym for Reuse. Recycle Everything. Pack and Clean…`K?! The project has transitioned away more »

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Jumbo Drop

by Dawn Quirk
It has been a Jumbo Move-Out! With the exam period over, the only thing that Tufts students have on their mind is beginning their summer adventures. But like clock work, before summer seems close to tangible, we confront the dreaded packing process. We have all said this when that moment has more »

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