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Goodbye Seniors!

by M.T. Snyder
Tufts Recycles! congratulates each member of the Class of 2014 on all of their achievements and hard work throughout their time at Tufts. Over 10,000 supporters, including the Tufts Recycles! team, came out to the commencement ceremony at the Medford campus to see the graduates off into the post-college world.  As more »

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R2ePACK. Or, the dirty things you left behind

by Mina Brewer
The spring semester is over, and campus is dead. You’ve packed up, moved out, and gone home for the summer. But  the work’s not over…at least for the Tufts Recycles! team. If you’ve been on campus these past few weeks, you may have seen a small group of people lugging big more »

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Reducing Waste on the Road

by C.J.
Thanks to our friends at Tufts’ Office of Sustainability , the TuftsRecycles! team got the privilege of viewing the documentary  YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip . The film chronicles three friends who sojourn across the country for a year in search of the best of America’s sustainable sites, all while keeping all of their trash, recycling, and waste in their more »

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That first R that got away…

by Dawn Quirk
That’s right, Tufts! While recycling is extremely important, there’s another ‘R’ that often gets forgotten and hasn’t yet received the widespread public attention it deserves: Reuse! It’s this overlooked ‘R’ that the Zero Waste movement champions in its support of a natural cycle of reusing and recycling in order to reduce more »

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GRRN National Recycling & Zero Waste Conference, Devens, MA Oct. 18-20

by Dawn Quirk
The California based Grass Roots Recycling Network is coming to town! Register now for “ Building Zero Waste Communities: Tools to Take Home for your Community, School or Business ”. The GRRN has recruited speakers from across the country for an exciting program.
About the Conference
The Recycling Organizations of North America (RONA) , a newly chartered organization intending to form a new national voice for recycling will be holding its first more »

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