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Mixed Recycling Update

New year, new lid! Learn more about the transition to mixed recycling at Tufts.

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Oct. 14, 2015: People’s Boston Climate March from Kendall Square to Boston Common

Tufts Recycles! intern Miranda Willson attended the People’s Boston Climate March on Oct. 14 to demand action on climate change leading up the Paris climate talks in six weeks. » read

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EPCS Recycling Initiative

In order to improve recycling habits and extend our influence on Tufts’ campus,Tufts Recycles! decided to carry our efforts over to the Elliot Pearson Children’s School. » read

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Recycle Your Tennis Balls!

by W. Parker MacLure

Tennis players take note! Last fall Tufts Recycles started recycling tennis balls! When your ball has reached the end of its playable life, rather than throwing it away please place the dead ball one of the large clear bins with a picture of more »

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Orientation/Move-In 2012 – Welcome to Tufts!

by C.J.
Welcome returning students and class of 2016! As we enter the 2012-2013 academic year, we at TuftsRecycles! would like to keep you up to date on our work towards greater sustainability on campus. Here’s what we’ll be doing (and what you can do) during your first few weeks at Tufts.
more »

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Reducing Waste on the Road

by C.J.
Thanks to our friends at Tufts’ Office of Sustainability , the TuftsRecycles! team got the privilege of viewing the documentary  YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip . The film chronicles three friends who sojourn across the country for a year in search of the best of America’s sustainable sites, all while keeping all of their trash, recycling, and waste in their more »

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Have you heard of Upcycling?

by C.J.

Upcycleverb. /ˈʌpˌsaɪkəl/ to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original.
Recycling your waste is great — but upcycling produces a reusable item without the energy needed to process recyclables. In the picture above, normally disposable toilet paper rolls are upcycled into a cable and cord organizer which can be used over more »

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R²ePack 2012 By The Numbers (And In Pictures!)

by C.J.
Happy summer to all graduating and returning students! While you were packing up your dorm rooms and fiddling with CollegeBoxes, the TuftsRecycles! team was hard at work collecting assorted items for R²ePACK 2012.

 What is R²ePACK?! Good question! R²ePACK is our move-out initiative in which students are asked to Reuse more »

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Revolutionizing the Electric Car

by Jordan Dashow
Can you imagine a world where gasoline cars are a thing of the past? Where the cost of every mile isn’t influenced by the price of oil? Where you can drive knowing your car can be used as a tool to make the Earth greener rather than more polluted?
Better more »

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Results for the RecycleManiacs!

by Danielle Cotter
The “March madness” of the second half of RecycleMania has come to an end, and we at TR would like to thank all of you who helped to make this year’s RecycleMania such a success. Whether it was by signing the Recyclemania pledge or simply taking the extra second to place more »

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