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Confused about recycling at Hodgdon?

by Mina Brewer
Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do with you empty food containers from Hodgdon Good to Go. Luckily, we’ve made an easy guide to help you figure out how to responsibly get rid of them. These posters are downstairs in the food area (in more »

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Lift The Lid Poster!

by Mina Brewer
Be on the lookout for these new posters – they will be put up around campus soon!

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Lift The Lid!

by Mina Brewer
You’re finishing up a great cup of coffee from the rez, and, being a responsible student, go to recycle it. But wait – what? This coffee cup doesn’t fit easily into the hole in the paper recycling bin! And what to do with the lid?! Breathe. Don’t give up. Lift the more »

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How one man is starting a recycling revolution!

by Lauren Ferrucci
At age 23, Matthew Jose is helping to start a recycling revolution in India.  He began the organization Paperman, which helps promote recycling awareness and use recycling campaigns to support social causes.  Before he began Paperman, Matthew discovered that only 20% of the waste generated in India was recycled each year.  more »

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Recycling Bins Will be Distributed Next Week

by Dawn Quirk

Dormitory recycling bins will be distributed throughout the large dorms next week. Wood-frame houses and apartments will receive bins upon special request.  Students are responsible to empty these small bins into one of the central collection bins found in the hallways of the dormitories.

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Kimberly-Clark and Greenpeace partner on sustainable forest initiative

by Dawn Quirk
The parent company of such ubiquitous brands as Kleenex, Scott, and Cottonelle has recently pledged to promote forest conservation by getting all of the wood fiber for its products from environmentally responsible sources. As the new industry leader in sustainability, Kimberly-Clark is setting a powerful example on how successful businesses can more »

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From Earth 911- The Pizza Box Mystery

Published on March 2nd, 2009

The Pizza Box Mystery
by Lori Brown
Many people assume that pizza boxes are recyclable. In fact, most boxes have recycling symbols on them and are traditionally made from corrugated cardboard. They are, in and of themselves, recyclable.
Have we got you hooked? more »

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Paper Recycling IS A BIG Deal

by Dawn Quirk
If you were one of the people standing around the big tree on the President’s Lawn trying to save it from the phantom saw, you’re probably feeling pretty irritated since finding out the whole event was a hoax. If you didn’t go, you’re laughing at the people who were there. Regardless, more »

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by Dawn Quirk
Last month, Greenpeace released photos of a large stockpile of logs . It is an ugly picture, but hardly shocking for someone from Sweden, used to seeing logging trucks and trains whizz past. The logs’ origin and destiny is what makes the photos truly horrendous. Their origin is the Ogoki Forest, a region of the ancient more »

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Paper vs. Plastic?

by Dawn Quirk
Are you really still wondering?
Read The Washington Post’s report that reuse is best.
Tip – if you forget to bring bags on your next trip to buy groceries, just grab some from the plastic bag recycling bin. Most grocery stores have one near the check out.

more »

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