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Bottle Bills

Only 10 U.S. states have implemented bottle bills, leading to significantly higher recycling rates in those states. But a few politicians in Massachusetts are trying to repeal the state’s existing bottle bill. » read

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Next Up: The Bottle Bill

by M.T. Snyder
This November, voters in Massachusetts will decide on the future of the Bottle Bill, whether to expand it with a new update or to leave the existing bill in place.  Currently, the Massachusetts’s Bottle Bill, which was passed in 1982, places a five-cent deposit on all bottles that contain carbonated beverages as more »

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Confused about recycling at Hodgdon?

by Mina Brewer
Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do with you empty food containers from Hodgdon Good to Go. Luckily, we’ve made an easy guide to help you figure out how to responsibly get rid of them. These posters are downstairs in the food area (in more »

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Lift The Lid Poster!

by Mina Brewer
Be on the lookout for these new posters – they will be put up around campus soon!

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Lift The Lid!

by Mina Brewer
You’re finishing up a great cup of coffee from the rez, and, being a responsible student, go to recycle it. But wait – what? This coffee cup doesn’t fit easily into the hole in the paper recycling bin! And what to do with the lid?! Breathe. Don’t give up. Lift the more »

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Lint: To compost or not to compost?

by Lilly Wang
Lint, that dusty grey stuff that collects in your dryer, has recently been garnering some attention…
The EPA lists dryer lint as safe for compostin g , claiming that only biodegradable/natural fibers from cotton or wool clothing break down in the wash. According to the US Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, putting more »

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How One Company is Recycling and Reusing Plastic Waste in the Ocean

by Lauren Ferrucci
We’ve all seen pictures of sea life caught in six pack rings, and plastic bags washed up on shore.  Not only is it heartbreaking, but it pollutes our environment and is a waste of materials. Have you ever wished that something could be done?
In fact, company Ecover more »

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From yogurt cups to drinking cups

by Dawn Quirk
Need new back-to-school items for your dorm? How about ones made from recycled yogurt cups? Get your complete 100% recycled kitchen and dinnerware such as bowls, strainers, cutting boards, storage containers, cups, plates and more at Preserve . You can even donate your #5 plastics that many cities will not take at more »

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Boat Of Plastic Bottles Ends 4-Month Pacific Sail

by Dawn Quirk
“There were many times when people looked at us and said, ‘you’re crazy,’”… “I think it drove us on to say, ‘Anything’s possible.’”

Click here to read the Associated Press article about the ship’s adventure.
The Plastiki’s website is full of information including videos, a more »

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Bottle Caps

by Dawn Quirk
Here at Tufts, everyone is really getting good about recycling. Whether it’s been spurred on by RecycleMania, by a newfound eco-conscience, or by the realization that “matter can neither be created nor destroyed” has real world applications outside the science classroom, the rate of recycling at Tufts is appreciated. It seems more »

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