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Welcome Back Jumbos!

Welcome (back) to the hill Jumbos! September is already upon us and the move-in process has begun, with thousands of pounds of stuff being transported all over campus. » read

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How One Company is Recycling and Reusing Plastic Waste in the Ocean

by Lauren Ferrucci
We’ve all seen pictures of sea life caught in six pack rings, and plastic bags washed up on shore.  Not only is it heartbreaking, but it pollutes our environment and is a waste of materials. Have you ever wished that something could be done?
In fact, company Ecover more »

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Your Used Phones Go to a Great Cause!

by Lilly Wang
Ever wonder what happens to all the old phones that end up in the electronics recycling bins around campus?

… Well, the TuftsRecycles! team is proud to announce that 95 “gently-used” cell phones were sent out today to Cell Phones for Soldiers , a non-profit organization that sells old more »

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First box of shoes ready for shipment!

by Lilly Wang
Thank you to everyone who dropped off their shoes in the new bin located at the Tisch Sports & Fitness Center!
Thanks for doing your part in reducing waste & supporting microbusinesses . Keep ’em coming guys!
– The TuftsRecycles! Team

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Reducing Waste on the Road

by C.J.
Thanks to our friends at Tufts’ Office of Sustainability , the TuftsRecycles! team got the privilege of viewing the documentary  YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip . The film chronicles three friends who sojourn across the country for a year in search of the best of America’s sustainable sites, all while keeping all of their trash, recycling, and waste in their more »

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Have you heard of Upcycling?

by C.J.

Upcycleverb. /ˈʌpˌsaɪkəl/ to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original.
Recycling your waste is great — but upcycling produces a reusable item without the energy needed to process recyclables. In the picture above, normally disposable toilet paper rolls are upcycled into a cable and cord organizer which can be used over more »

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R²ePack 2012 By The Numbers (And In Pictures!)

by C.J.
Happy summer to all graduating and returning students! While you were packing up your dorm rooms and fiddling with CollegeBoxes, the TuftsRecycles! team was hard at work collecting assorted items for R²ePACK 2012.

 What is R²ePACK?! Good question! R²ePACK is our move-out initiative in which students are asked to Reuse more »

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Get Cash for Old Clothes

by Colleen Flanagan
A new website was recently launched that allows people to buy and sell clothing to raise money! This money can go towards philanthropic groups and projects, or even for personal gain. The theme of the website is recycling for social change. Many of us have clothes in our closet that we more »

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Back to Basics: Remembering the Three R’s

by Dawn Quirk
During these difficult economic times, many Americans have been forced to go “back to the basics.” Cook at home instead of go out to eat. Forgo those extra pair of jeans. Take a vacation in-state instead of around the world. While simplicity has become a useful way to save money, it more »

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