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Medford/Somerville Winter Break Recycling Bin Update

Over the winter break, Tufts will begin transitioning the Medford/Somerville campus from dual stream recycling to mixed recycling.

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GameDay Challenge Results are In!

In 2015 Tufts competed against hundreds of universities in the GameDay Challenge. Here’s how we did. » read

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Recycle Your Tennis Balls!

by W. Parker MacLure

Tennis players take note! Last fall Tufts Recycles started recycling tennis balls! When your ball has reached the end of its playable life, rather than throwing it away please place the dead ball one of the large clear bins with a picture of more »

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The Freedom to Freecycle!

by Colby Sameshima
It’s that time of the year, where your laundry basket is overflowing, and you’re realizing that maybe you don’t actually need the multiple lamps you bought at the beginning of the school year. Being a model citizen, you decide you will bring the items to goodwill. But you have that french more »

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Lift The Lid!

by Mina Brewer
You’re finishing up a great cup of coffee from the rez, and, being a responsible student, go to recycle it. But wait – what? This coffee cup doesn’t fit easily into the hole in the paper recycling bin! And what to do with the lid?! Breathe. Don’t give up. Lift the more »

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Short Term Work Available- Recycling Team @ Events

by Dawn Quirk
 Workers Needed from now through October
$10 per hour 
With just a few hours of your time, YOU can help make this year’s matriculation zero waste efforts successful, and get paid doing so!
Tufts Dining Services and Facilities Services have teamed up to ensure that meals served more »

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How I Met Your Discards

A look inside R2ePack

by Stephanie Heatley-Quinlan
Ever wonder who picks up all the stuff left behind in the donation boxes when the students leave for the summer or for that matter where it goes? Tufts Recycles! is here to clear your confusion! It all takes place in steps; after all more »

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by Dawn Quirk

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How to Ace the RecycleMania Competition!

by Lauren Ferrucci
As you may know, the RecycleMania competition has officially begun. Tufts dorms and off-campus houses are competing to see who has the best recycling rates.  Over the next few weeks, Tufts Recycles! interns will be walking through Tufts dorms grading recycling efforts. (Don’t be afraid to say hi and ask us more »

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Tufts Receives Silver Institution Recycling Award

by Jordan Dashow
Last Tuesday night, Tufts University was recognized at MassRecycle’s 17th Annual Recycling Awards Ceremony, receiving the Silver Institution Recycling Award. MassRecycle’s awards recognize “the outstanding achievements by individuals, public servants, municipalities, businesses and organizations in promoting recycling and waste reduction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”
The Awards Ceremony, more »

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