Personal Composting: A Primer

How Do I Compost on the Medford/Somerville campus?

Offices, small houses, and other Tufts community members may independently compost at any of our campus drop off locations. Detailed directions to each location can be accessed by clicking on the location name below:

Carmichael Dining Center Loading Dock
Crafts House
Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center Loading Dock
Miller Hall
(Tufts Institute for the Environment)
Tisch Library Loading Dock

How do I compost in my dorm?

Campus dormitories with assigned Eco-Reps have compost bins that are typically located in the kitchen. If you are unsure where the compost bin in your dorm is located, please contact your Eco-Rep! The eco-reps empty the compost bins in the dorms weekly and make composting in the dorms possible. 

I live off-campus, but I’d like to compost my food scraps, too.

While neither Facilities Services – Recycling nor the Eco-Reps are responsible for off-campus composting, you can still compost on your own. Compost bins like this one can be purchased online. You can arrange to have your compost bin picked up by a local composting service, or drop them off at one of the following additional compost bin locations on campus:

Carmichael: Outside on loading dock

Haskell Hall/Latin Way: Next to dumpster at Latin Way bunker

Hillsides/Hallowell Halls: Dumpster at bottom of stairs

Houston Hall: Outside on front landing

Hodgdon/Bush/Tilton Halls: Behind dumpsters next to Bush Hall

Metcalf Hall: In rear driveway

South Hall: Dumpster near side entrance stairs

Wilson House: Near side entrance

Wren Hall: Outside at end of bridge