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Composting on the Medford/Somerville campus

Offices, small houses, and other Tufts community members may independently collect their own compost and drop it off at any of the yellow outdoor compost bins on campus. A complete, up-to-date list of compost drop-off locations can be viewed through the Tufts Eco-Map. Use the map filter options to view the “Compost Toters” layer!

Composting in campus dorms

All campus dormitories with assigned Eco-Reps have one or more large green compost bins, often located in the kitchen or another central space. If you are unsure where the compost bin in your dorm is located, or to learn more about composting in dorms, please contact your Eco-Rep! The Eco-Reps empty these bins regularly, and their efforts make composting in the dorms possible.

Off-campus composting

While neither Facilities Services – Recycling nor the Eco-Reps provide off-campus composting services, you are still encouraged to compost on your own. You can arrange to have your compost bin picked up by a local composting service, or drop it off yourself at one of the compost toter locations on campus. Compost bins like this one can be purchased online. Large yogurt containers also make great compost bins – you can pick one up for free from Dewick!  To keep your personal compost bin clean, try lining it with compostable liner bags, brown paper bags, or even newspaper.  Pro Tip: Storing your compost bin in the freezer (optional) eliminates odors and makes maintenance easy!