On-Campus Apartment Composting

Tufts Recycles! has started a new composting initiative for students living in on-campus apartments beginning next semester, coordinated by TR! intern Savannah Christiansen. If you live in an on-campus apartment and would like to receive a compost bin, you can fill out this bin request form.

According to a recent article written in The Tufts Daily, Christiansen decided to start the initiative in order to reduce the food waste produced by students living in Hillsides, Latin Way, Sophia Gordon and other apartment-style dorms.


TR! intern Savannah Christiansen is helping launch the on-campus apartments composting campaign.

“Right now, the Eco-Reps maintain compost bins for all the dorms, and what we were thinking is that it makes more sense to have compost bins in places where there are kitchens,” he said. “So our hope is that we get bins in apartments like in Latin Way, Sophia Gordon and…Hillsides.”

Liora Silkes, another Tufts Recycles! intern, said that while Tufts’ dining halls compost all food waste, this initiative will serve to help students who don’t eat in the dining hall compost their food scraps. Tufts Recycles! will be reaching out to students living in on-campus apartments next semester to see if they want to try composting on their own.

“We’re going to give everyone who’s interested a little container to put their compost in,” she said. “We’ll teach them everything they need to know, and they’ll be able to collect it on their own and then dump it outside in composting bins nearby all three of the apartments.”



CJ Ghanny sits beside compost bins, displaying a sign that reads "ORGANICS"

Tufts Recycles! interim coordinator CJ Ghanny proudly shows off his compost bins.

In other words, unlike the compost bins in the dorms, students would be responsible for maintaining the bins themselves. By next semester, there will be large compost bins outside of all the apartments, which any student can use to dump their personal compost and which will be collected by Save That Stuff.