Fitness Tracker Recycling

Have you ever upgraded your fitness tracker and wondered what to do with the old one?  Wearable electronics are produced in enormous quantities, and are quickly discarded when newer models become available.  This poses environmental problems, as electronics contain heavy metals and other hazardous materials that should not be sent to landfills.  RecycleHealth offers an innovative solution to this issue.

RecycleHealth is a charity founded by Lisa Gualtieri, an assistant professor at the at Tufts School of Medicine.  The program receives used donations of all brands of activity tracking devices, such as Fitbits, Jawbones, or even Apple Watches.  They then distribute the devices to underserved populations, with the goal of empowering more people to lead active lifestyles.  RecycleHealth also conducts survey research on the efficacy of fitness trackers, to better understand their effect on users’ activity levels.

Next time you find yourself stuck with an unwanted fitness tracker, consider donating it to RecycleHealth. Not only does this keep hazardous electronic waste out of landfills – it also extends the useful life of your old devices, and contributes to research!

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