Freecycle in dorms

There are designated freecycle locations within some of the dorms across campus with some pop-up freecycle locations in dorms. At these locations, students can leave clothes, lamps, dishes, carpets/rugs, fans, trash cans, electronics, hangers, shoes, books, bags or anything else that they want to part with but don’t want to throw away.

Offical freecycle locations have been set up these dorms:

  • Hodgdon Hall
  • Harleston Hall
  • Wren Hall
  • Haskell Hall

Freecycle in Harleston

Wren Freecycle

We encourage students to set up their own freecycling programs amongst their friends and community. Students can also join the Tufts buy, sell, trade Facebook group and Tufts Tusk for more freecycling opportunities.