Who We Are


Supervisor, Facilities Services; Campus Services

linked_in_picture2 Kate Doherty Bolivar oversees Solid Waste & Recycling, C&W Services for all campuses as well as Pest Control and Grounds on the Medford Campus.  She has been working at Tufts since August 2011 and started out as a Facilities Supervisor managing trades on the Boston Campus.  She worked on the Grafton Campus for the summer of 2014, giving her experience on all of Tufts’ campuses.

Ground Support Services Supervisor, Facilities Services

IMG_0726 Jesse Carreiro helps to manage recycling on the ground and has been at Tufts since 1985. He handles the logistics of the waste and recycling contracts and assists the coordinator and interns with maintaining and improving the recycling program at Tufts.

Recycling Interns

Every year, a group of students joins the Facilities Services – Recycling team to help with campus-wide outreach as well as day-to-day operations. To learn more about the student internship or apply, please view our application. We are always looking for student workers, and encourage any interested students to apply.

 Morgan Leppla Morgan Leppla is a freshman from Reno, NV interested in environmental studies and political science. She’s fond of hiking, recycling, and can be found consuming coffee at any point in the day. She’s stoked to work with people who care about the environment!
Capture Alex Cherry is a junior from New York majoring in international relations and environmental studies. He loves recycling, hiking, farm shares, and living mindfully.
Liora Liora Silkes is a freshman from Woodinville, WA, thinking about majoring in sociology or psychology. When she is not drinking green tea from her reusable water bottle she can be found making puns or searching for the nearest compost bins.
Robert Toscano Robert Toscano is a sophomore from Chatham, New Jersey majoring in International Relations. He’s interested in how green energy can stimulate economic growth. When Robert’s not recycling, you can find him swimming, doing his Arabic homework, or rolling down the President’s Lawn.
Luke Rivers Luke Maxwell Rivers is a senior at Endicott College and is from West Bridgewater, MA majoring in Environmental Science and Minoring in Photography. He loves the outdoors, insects and gardening. His free time is spent photographing the natural beauty that is found outdoors.
Leah_Stern Leah Stern is a sophomore from Tucson, Arizona majoring in Computer Science and Environmental Studies. She thinks composting is neat and wouldn’t use a plastic water bottle if her life depended on it. Besides recycling (of course), she loves accidentally falling asleep and knowing where her ID is at all times.
 bhavikshah Bhavik Shah is a Master of International Business Candidate at The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy. He is focusing on concentrations like Strategic Management & International Consultancy and International Organizations. He is very keen about how private companies can play a big role in creating a sustainable planet. He loves recycling, tennis, volleyball, meditation and meeting new people.