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Materials for Resident Assistants

RAs serve as role models for their residents and can have an extremely positive impact on them. If you’re stumped about what to put on the bulletin board in your hall for this month, you can educate your residents about the importance of recycling by hanging up these informative bulletin board signs!

Click the links below to download posters (Word docs) for dorm bulletin boards containing information on composting, e-waste recycling, and recycling of glass, metal, and plastic:


Composting Banner
Fact Page (Poster) on Composting
Composting Images 1
Composting Images 2


E-Waste Banner
Fact Page (Poster) on E-Waste
Ratings of Electronic Companies
E-Waste Images


Glass Recycling Banner
Fact Page (Poster) on Glass Recycling
Images (Glass Recycling)


Metal Recycling Banner
Fact Page (Poster) On Metal Recycling
Images (Glass Recycling)
Paper Recycling Banner
Fact Page (Poster) on Paper Recycling
Images (Paper Recycling)


Plastic Recycling Banner
Fact Page (Poster) on Plastic Recycling
Images (Plastic Recycling)
Bioplastics Fact Page (Poster)