Waste Audits

SaveThatStuff audit

Pictures from a waste audit at SaveThatStuff’s facility in Charlestown, MA.

What’s the best way to figure out what’s not being recycled? Dig through the trash of course! Every so often the Facilities Services Recycling team performs waste audits on our campus’s trash and recycling streams to assess real versus potential rates of recycling. This involves systematically probing bags of trash and recycling and recording, by weight, how much of each stream ends up in the right place. After each waste audit, our team devises strategies to encourage proper recycling of recyclable items that end up in the trash. Waste audits are a key part of our operational strategy and we strive to perform them often. Our friends at SaveThatStuff have graciously allowed us to use their facilities in Charlestown, MA to perform waste audits on occasion.

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