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by Dawn Quirk

In RecycleMania news, Tufts sits pretty in 3rd place for all Massachusetts schools. But are we going to let Boston College, who only in the last few years developed a recycling program, keep their spot at 2nd? Everyone knows an elephant could beat an eagle in a fight any day. So let’s prove it.

Meanwhile, Tufts is fourth to Middlebury, Williams, and Connecticut Colleges in the NESCAC division. In some cultures recycling is seen as the ultimate sport, so it’s time to forget basketball, stop practicing lacrosse, and get out your blue bins. We’ve got a great recycling facility, recycling bins everywhere, and a campus full of smart people. There’s nothing stopping us from getting to number 1.

So use the resources we have and help Tufts rise in the ranks to first place. Tufts would be unstoppable if everyone recycled all paper, publications and boxes (including food cartons). And remember, aluminum and plastic take-out containers and plastic cups from Hotung and the Commons are recyclable.