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by Dawn Quirk

The heat of RecycleMania is rising with the independent, intra-dorm recycling competition between Haskell and Tilton. Brainchild of the Tilton-Haskell Advisory Board, a group of freshmen planning and executing various community-service and community-building projects, the competition put more than just bragging rights and recycling glory on the line: the victorious floor wins the prize of dinner with the Bacows which will take place in April.The Board members measured and tracked progress by counting bags of recycling each weekend for two weeks. The mechanism left some room for subjectivity… and foul play. One Haskell suite reports a recycling bin casualty early in the game, undoubtedly a POW used for amassing more recycling volume. Breaking news: the Haskell 140s just crowned champions. Cheers, Haskell and Tilton, we tip our recycling hats to you; and congrats, 140s, tell the Bacows we say Happy Recycling!