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by Dawn Quirk

Are you a Tufts student who lives in Medford? You can now participate in an innovative and simple new recycling program that is expected to significantly increase Medford’s 13% recycling rate. On November 1st Medford will begin a single stream recycling program, which will enable residents to dispose of all their recyclables including glass, plastic, metals, paper, and cardboard in the same bin. Leaders of the initiative believe that by preventing residents from having to separate their recyclables, the program will reduce trash output and save the city money.The single stream system will require the use of new bins. Medford residents should ensure that they have received their two free bins, one 64 gallon trash bin and one 96 gallon recycling bin, before November 1st. If all trash does not fit in the free trash bin, residents can either rent a second 64 gallon bin for $150 per year or buy 33 gallon trash bags at City Hall for $2 each. This fee based trash system is an effort to minimize trash output and force residents to reconsider their waste production. Students who are residents of Medford should also be aware that effective immediately, households must call 800-972-4545 to make an appointment to have bulky waste picked up. This process is important to keep in mind as many students have a lot of waste when moving out at the end of the school year. Be an active participant in this innovative initiative, which will simplify your life while improving our environment!

For more information on Medford’s single stream program, check out the program guide.


Click here to watch a short animation illustrating the single stream recycling process.