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by Dawn Quirk
If you are reading this blog, you are probably at least inclined to recycle and perhaps are curious about cool products that have been made from reused objects. A bottle cork is a common item in many homes but
recycling outlets for corks are few and far between.Why not use it to serve as a laptop stand? They are lightweight, will not scratch desks or other surfaces and, best of all, they are free! When laptops heat up after prolonged use, they require extra energy to cool down, which reduces the battery power of your computer and causes it to waste more energy. Here are three extremely simple cork stand ideas- enjoy!

1. The Incline Stand: Place one cork under each of the two back corners of your laptop in order to provide ventilation for the back of your computer where the battery is often located. This arrangement will also reduce stress on your wrists by changing the slope of your keyboard

2. The Disc Stand: Lift your laptop approximately a half-inch off your desk with one cork. Then cut another cork into four equal pieces to make four disks. Place one disk under each side of your laptop.

3. The Sturdier Stand: Determine the depth of your computer and then glue corks side-by-side to form a row of corks that can rest under one side of your laptop. Then make another row for the opposite side of your laptop. This method allows air to easily flow under your laptop, while providing good support.You can read the full article at Planet Green.