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by Danielle Cotter

Does the idea of compost make you feel the opposite of composed? Are there used batteries collecting dust in your basement because the proper place for their disposal remains elusive to you? If so, you’re not alone; in 2010 only 8% of Americans composted their food waste, and our country throws out approximately 179,000 tons of  batteries annually. With stats like these, we can no longer afford to be ignorant where our environment is concerned. This doesn’t mean it’s too late for you though; since the best way to learn is by doing, stop by Boston GreenFest 2011 and turn over a new (green) leaf!

This year’s Boston GreenFest goes from August 18 to August 20 and will be hosted at the Boston City Hall Plaza. This festival is inclusive to all; hardcore environmentalists will geek out at the sight of the latest in green technology, while those who previously didn’t understand all of the hoopla about “organically grown foods” will finally taste the difference when they try fruits and vegetables that have been grown free of pesticides.

The three-day festival will feature several unique events meant to engage and involve the Boston community, such as an EcoFashion show, an interactive TimeTunnel, and the One Gallon Challenge, a car race from Plymouth to the GreenFest featuring cars that will drive the 111-mile distance on just one gallon of gas. Talk about sticking it to the pump! There will also be a green fireworks and light show as well as several performances, such as Samba dancing and a Native American drum ceremony.

Events begin at noon and conclude at one in the morning on Thursday and Friday, and the Saturday schedule runs from eleven in the morning until eight in the evening. Sample some eco-friendly world cuisines during your lunch break, or avoid Friday rush hour by making a pit stop at the Boston City Hall Plaza for some shopping at the EcoBazaar. Make it a point to stop by this year’s Boston GreenFest, and give green a chance.

To see a complete schedule of events and/or volunteer opportunities, check out the Boston GreenFest 2011 website.