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by Jordan Dashow

Remember to tape your batteries when you recycle them!

Regulations now require you to tape batteries (with clear, electrical, duct or masking tape) at both ends before recycling them. This regulation is meant to help prevent several problems during battery transportation, including fires. Batteries have been known to cause fires at time during transportation, such as when a bag of batteries caused a fire in an overhead compartment on a Jet Blue plane in 2007.  So remember to tape up your batteries before recycling them, and if you’re traveling with batteries, you can look over some safety tips provided by the TSA here.

Why recycle batteries at all?

Batteries constitute 88% of the mercury and 54% of the Cadmium deposited in our landfills. They contain various dangerous chemicals that can cause serious pollution problems, which may lead to health risks among humans. You can read more about recycling batteries on our battery recycling page.

Where to recycle batteries: