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by Lilly Wang

Did you guess our new recycling option in the gym??

If you saunter into Tisch Sports Center, there’s now a recycling bin for shoes!

Partnering with the full-service footwear recycling company, Rerun Shoes, the new shoe bin in the gym will accept all types of shoes (without holes). These shoes will be sent to secondhand shoe vendors in Mali, Guinea, and Liberia.

Rerun Shoes aims to divert shoes from the waste stream in North America and at the same time, help support sustainable microbusinesses in the African tropics. Read the company’s mission outline here.

The first shoes ready to be sent to second-hand vendors in Africa!

If you just bought yourself a new pairs of sneakers, hold up! Before you chuck your old ones, stop by the Tisch Sports Center and drop them in the shoe bin!