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by Colby Sameshima

It’s that time of the year, where your laundry basket is overflowing, and you’re realizing that maybe you don’t actually need the multiple lamps you bought at the beginning of the school year. Being a model citizen, you decide you will bring the items to goodwill. But you have that french paper and that problem set, so that will have to be saved for another day. You pile up the clothes in a random nook of your room, and the clothing stays there, forgotten, until the end of the school year when you are forced to get rid of it amidst the chaos of moving out. The lamp collects dust in that dark corner under your bed, lonely and waiting, to shed its wonderful light.

What if, instead, there was a convenient place for you to take your clothes, lamps, and other random objects, for someone else to use? What if this was somewhere on campus?  Or maybe even…in your dorm?!?! FREECYCLE it!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.45.05 AM

Wren, Haskell and South Halls all have a new addition to their swanky decor…Freecycle areas. Simply place your used items, such as clothes, lamps, dishes, carpets/rugs, fans, trash cans, electronics, hangers, shoes, books, and bags in these designated enclaves, and take anything awesome you see, for FREE. The program will be expanded to new dorms as the opportunity arises and in the meantime, hopefully you are lucky to have a friend who lives in one of these dorms to visit and “shop.” Look for the freecycle areas in the lobbies of Wren, Haskell and South. Other dorms, such as Tilton, have taken upon their own versions of freecycle, in the form of a shoebox. So look around your dorm lobby, for there just might be a freecycle area near you.  Tell your friends and happy shopping!

South Hall                                                     Wren Hall