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by M.T. Snyder

Tufts Recycles! congratulates each member of the Class of 2014 on all of their achievements and hard work throughout their time at Tufts. Over 10,000 supporters, including the Tufts Recycles! team, came out to the commencement ceremony at the Medford campus to see the graduates off into the post-college world.  As the sun shone brightly above, the graduates’ family and friends enjoyed picnicking on the President’s Lawn where 7,500 boxed lunches had been pre-made. After lunch was finished, the TR! team separated out the various components of the lunches at this Zero-Waste Event with a commingled recycling station where paper and plastic went into one receptacle.  Left-over food waste was placed into the yellow and black compost bins that had been set out into 7 stations.


In the end, just four bags of trash (made up mostly of plastic wrappings) were sent to the dumpster after the Commencement Lunch, which was definitely a resounding success for an event of this size!  Next year TR! hopes that the trash from Commencement Lunch can be reduced to less than four bags and the graduating class will get to enjoy another Zero-Waste Event with just as much pride.