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by M.T. Snyder

As the bell tolls 10:00 PM, Tufts students pull themselves out of their books and into the only hour of the day not deemed “quiet” by ResLife during finals period. Stretching and yawning, skipping and hopping, students notice a new mysterious box in their on-campus housing.

What could it be? What’s in the box?

Why, it’s R2ePACK, of course! Here again to help you Reuse, Recycle Everything. Pack and Clean…’K?! As one of the largest initiatives at Tufts Recycles!, R2ePACK collects everything that you don’t need or want during move-out. These items are either donated to Goodwill or kept to be freecycled in September at move-in.  Additionally, all non-perishable unopened food will be collected and donated to a local food pantry in Somerville. Please use the checklist below for specifics as to what exactly R2ePACK collects and start filling up those cardboard boxes instead of landfills!

Click to download the R2ePACK checklist for donateable items!