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As part of a larger plan to improve the university’s solid waste and recycling efforts in line with the President’s Campus Sustainability Council’s goal of reducing total waste by 3% per year, Facilities Services will be strategically removing certain exterior solid waste (trash) and recycling receptacles in the coming week. This effort, expected to be completed by August 30th, will allow Tufts to streamline waste collection and removal, reduce pest and rodent issues, control unauthorized dumping, and consolidate outdoor recycling and trash collection bins.

The exterior collection sites were carefully chosen to align with new university standards that require outdoor waste receptacles to be located only in areas that do not have an indoor collection option nearby or are near outdoor dining areas or athletic venues with high pedestrian traffic. Each site will contain receptacles for solid waste, glass/metal/plastics, and paper/cardboard.

During the academic year, the Facilities Department will be evaluating the collection sites and continue to plan and seek additional sustainable solutions. For explanations of why a particular receptacle was removed, please view this spreadsheet.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, contact Kate Doherty, Supervisor, Facilities Services; Campus Services, or Facilities Services Work Control at 617-627-3496. You can also email: for answers to all your recycling questions.

Thank you for your continued support of Tufts efforts to create a more sustainable campus.