Move-In Recycling

Every year at the beginning of fall semester, the Tufts dormitories get stuffed with boxes, bins, and all sorts of moving paraphernalia as thousands of students descend upon the Hill. The Facilities Services Recycling staff and the Eco-Reps help out by “dormstorming” to break down cardboard and other materials. You can help too by following the guide below!

Click here for a printable instructional flier on how to recycle properly at Move-In.

Each year we recycle thousands of boxes during matriculation and campus move in. Please help our effort by following these recommendations:

  • Separate Styrofoam, plastic and other items from your boxes.
  • Break down your boxes and leave them in the common area where they will be picked up by the cleaning crew (and brought to the cardboard dumpster).

    Click here to read a blog post about recycling during move-in.