History of Recycling at Tufts

1990: Tufts Recycles! is started by students

1991: Tufts starts composting yard waste thanks to the help of students in an environmental economics course

2000: Dining halls begin composting food waste scraps

2004: Former Full-Time Recycling Coordinator Dawn Quirk is hired

2005: Tufts competes for the first time in Recyclemania, comes in 9th place out of 50 participating schools

2007: Tufts ranks in 8th place in per-capita recycling rates during Recyclemania, beating Harvard and Yale

February 2008: Tufts Recycles! former intern Lucy McKeon writes op-ed about why recycling should be taken seriously.

“An act like recycling… can be done individually on a small scale in order to produce large-scale results.” –Lucy McKeon

March 2008: Tufts Recycles! former intern Yosefa Ehrlich writes op-ed about waste management and recycling.

“Despite the hardships associated with recycling, it is essentially the only process by which we can create a sustainable waste system. Like most bad habits, ineffective trash disposal will only be alleviated by combining education, technology and politics, as well as economic and ethical incentives.” –Yosefa Ehrlich

2010: Tufts’ high recycling rates reach a plateau, echoing the state average.

February 2012: Tufts Recycles! installs greenbean machine in the Campus Center.

April 2012: Tufts ranks first among NESCAC schools in recycling rates

Fall 2012: Tufts Recycles! begins shoe recycling program

December 2012: Tufts honored with silver recycling award, coming in second place to Harvard in MassRecycles 17th Annual Recycling Award Ceremony

December 2012: Tufts Recycles! installs Greenbean recycle boxes in dorms

Fall 2014: Tufts Recycles! starts tennis ball recycling program

March 2015: Tufts recycles! starts trash buddy initiative to increase recycling rates for faculty and staff in offices.