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Project Manager: Ruth Bennett
Construction Manager: Procon
Construction Start:  June 2019
Construction Completion:  Spring, 2021
Building Occupancy: Summer 2021

 Thanks to a generous gift from the Cummings Foundation, Tufts is excited to announce the development of a new academic building to be located on College Avenue next to the future MBTA station creating a new gateway to the campus. Critical to our growing academic programs, the new  Cummings Center will also offer the opportunity to create event spaces on a scale that is competitive with peer universities.

Project Update as of 08/09/2019

  • The contractor will be working in front of Halligan Hall to install electricity to field office trailer.
  • Rear egress from Halligan: now that the wooden modular buildings have been demolished, the rear exit in Halligan Hall  that used to connect the Halligan “extension” should only be used as emergency exit by building occupants. Temporary site fence has been installed to create a pathway (separated from construction activities) in case the rear emergency exit is needed.
  • Ongoing work within the site fence:
    • Drilling and installation of soil support structures in preparation for site excavation
    • The contractor’s work on utilities and soil removal is ongoing
    • Removal of concrete is complete