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Project Manager: Chris Baryluk
Architect: Imai Keller Moore
Construction start: March, 2020
Construction Completion: December, 2020

The Michael Chemistry building is undergoing significant infrastructure improvments to better support the many research projects in the building. The work includes a full HVAC equipment replacement, including air handlers, exhaust fans, process chiller and energy recovery ventilator.  New low-flow fume hoods have been installed to replace energy inefficient “aux air” fume hoods.  The new hoods will allow better fume hood performance, while reducing energy costs.

On the exterior of the building, spalled concrete has been repaired, and the façade has received a full cleaning.  All of the windows have been replaced, delivering a tighter building assembly and better HVAC performance.

The work began in March 2020, and is expected to be complete by the end of the year.