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University Policy on Personal Packages and Mail

Only University-related packages and mail should be sent to or from Tufts University.

How to Address Outgoing Mail

Interdepartmental Mail

First line: Department
Second line: Building
Third line: Campus
Fourth line: Person’s name

Mail Services sorts by department. Therefore, this address format assists tremendously in the sorting process. Please remember to cross out the previous departmental information on the interdepartmental envelope to avoid any confusion and to expedite the delivery.

US Mail

Please use a complete return address that will include your department and building. This address format will help to sort the incoming mail directly (without Mail Services investigating further as to which department it should go to) to your department. If your mail is being “returned to sender,” the inclusion of your department in your return address allows for a direct return to your department.

How to Organize Mail for Pickup

Interdepartmental Mail

A rubber band should be placed around your interdepartmental mail to keep it separate from US mail.

If you have an unusually large interdepartmental mail pickup for the day, please give Mail Services a call (x73495) so that they may come prepared with the proper equipment (i.e. two wheeler) to handle the load.

US Mail

A rubber band should be placed around your US mail to keep it separate from interdepartmental mail. Also, if you have international mail, please place a separate rubber band around the international mail to ensure proper metering. On any large mailings, you may give Mail Services a call (x73495) to request the use of a specific quantity of USPS bins or trays to better organize your mailing for your department as well as for Mail Services. The department must seal envelopes with metal clasps. For other envelopes, please leave the flap up and mail services will seal.

How to Use Your Laminated Card for 1st Class US Mail Charges

Simply use a rubber band to attach your laminated card to your outgoing 1st Class US mail. If you would like additional laminated cards or if you would like a laminated card for a different Dept. ID or Grant, please contact Sheila (x75123) or drop an e-mail (

How to Access and Print Your “Special Metered Mail Request Form” (For Other Than 1st Class US Mail Charges)

Access and print a “Special Metered Mail Request Form” (for other than 1st Class US Mail).

View the Medford Campus Form (pdf)
View the Boston Campus Form (pdf)

Please fill in the form and then attach the form to the mail requiring special attention.