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Food Waste


  • Fruit cores and peels
    • please peel off the sticker
  • Eggshells
  • Any food waste that does not contain meat or dairy
Do NOT compost:

  • Dairy products
  • Meat products



  • Used napkins and paper towels (any color)
  • Paper tea bags and coffee grounds with filters
  • Bioplastics*
    • Compostable plastic cups: only with the #7 recycling symbol with "PLA" labelled
    • Compostable utensils: BPI or ASTM certified
  • BPI-certified compostable paper plates (not regular paper plates)
  • Greasy pizza boxes, paper bags, and other paper/cardboard items with food waste
    • these cannot be recycled so please compost!
Do NOT compost:

  • Waxy paper items (i.e. takeout boxes)
  • Any synthetic materials

*Compostable plastics (bioplastics) are tricky.

  • We don't recommend plastic cups made of #7 plastic, PLA. That is because these cups are not recyclable and would contaminate our recycling bins. They are only compostable, but many people think they can be recycled. The only smart use of these cups would be at a special event where the host is providing all compostable materials, and only compost bins are provided for waste.
  • Regular plastic cups (#1-6) can be recycled just fine!
  • Compostable plastics are great for events if you provide a compost bin.

A Note About Grafton Campus

Compost rules for the Grafton Campus differ because composting happens on site, on a farm. Refer to our specific page about Grafton composting for more information here.