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There are currently three public locations on the Boston campus which house green composting bins and one location that holds three white bins. Employees and students also have the option to compost in their offices or Posner Hall residence. Click here for a downloadable poster that illustrates how to compost on the Boston campus. 

A complete, up-to-date list of compost drop-off locations can be viewed through the Tufts Eco-Map.

Composting on the 4th Floor of Sackler

Arthur M. Sackler Center:

Two bins are located on the 4th floor, near the Food 4 Thought Café:

  • One in the open area
  • One by the microwaves

Biomedical Research and Public Health Building (formerly the M&V Complex):

  • One bin is located on the 1st floor in the PHPD student lounge

Jaharis Family Center: 

  • One bin is located on the 1st floor, in the Jaharis Family Center Café.
  • On the 2nd Floor of the Jaharis Building, there are three white bins, one each in the student lounge, the staff kitchen, and the faculty and staff lounge.

How to get your office composting:

Step 1:

Tell your officemates your idea to start composting and get them on board. If there is any resistance, make sure to explain that all the organic material already goes in the trash and should not smell more than trash. Your office will empty the compost bin at least once a week, which will prevent smells. The lid will also block smells from getting out. Since meat and dairy products are not allowed in the bin, this also prevents smell.

You can request a small compost bin

Step 2:f

Purchase a small compost bin for the office, or request a 2.5 gallon plastic bucket from

Step 3:

Purchase biodegradable plastic compost liners for your bin. Here is an example from Amazon.

Step 4:

Place a compost sign over the bin so everyone knows what goes in it. Also, place a checklist like this one next to it that you or a colleague update each time you check or empty the bin so that people know it’s being taken care of. The checklist should have your name and email address on it so if there is an issue, people will know who to contact.

Step 5:

Determine a compost bin emptying schedule. Will you be the one to check it daily, or will your office take turns checking the bin every day? Whoever empties the bin will have to bring the full bag to one of the outdoor compost toters at the Dental School loading dock. This can be found on the Tufts Eco-Map as the “Boston Dental School Compost Toters.” The outdoor toters are blue and have yellow lids. Please lock the lid by turning the handle.

Green Composting BinPosner Hall has Composting:

All campus dormitories with assigned Eco-Reps have one or more large green compost bins, often located in the kitchen or another central space.

If you are unsure where the compost bin in your dorm is located, or to learn more about composting in dorms, please contact your Eco-Rep! The Eco-Reps empty these bins regularly, and their efforts make composting in the dorms possible.