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Tufts is joining a rapidly growing number of colleges and universities in adopting a proven new office waste management program for faculty and staff that we’re calling the “trash buddy” initiative. Tufts has a robust recycling program, but with your participation in the “trash buddy” initiative, we can do better!

Goals of the “trash buddy” program:

  • Help Tufts reach its goal of reducing waste by 3% each year, as set by the Campus Sustainability Council (pdf)
  • Increase Tufts’ recycling rate (amount recycled/total waste generated)
  • Pursue more efficient trash and recycling collection methods and deployment of custodians
  • Give all employees an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable Tufts

Program overview:

A trash buddy (see photo) is a miniature trash can that attaches to the blue recycling bin in your individual office or cubicle. The trash buddy replaces your traditional desk-side trash can, and its size represents the typical proportion of office waste that is truly trash. The trash buddy’s small volume and attachment to the recycled paper bin encourage recycling. Comparable programs at other universities and organizations increased recycling rates by up to 55%.

All waste produced at your desk that is not recyclable should be disposed of in the trash buddy, and you should empty the trash buddy into a central waste station when it fills up or whenever you find convenient. All recyclables can be placed in the blue recycling bin. Central waste stations are typically found in common or well-traversed spaces in your office or building and include a trash bin, a paper and cardboard recycling bin, and a glass, metal, and plastic recycling bin. Custodians will empty the central waste stations every day and will empty your individual paper recycling bin weekly when your office or cubicle is cleaned.

Questions about the Trash Buddy program? Visit our Trash Buddy FAQ page.

Thank you for your support and participation in this impactful program.