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Reusing is the best way to reduce waste. You might be familiar with Craigslist or Freecycle, online tools that allow you to exchange the goods you no longer need with someone who can utilize them. This exchange of goods for free is a way for items to be reused and diverted from the waste stream. Tufts has a university-wide goal to reduce waste by 3% each year, and freecycling is an important way to help reach it. 

There are many ways to freecycle and reuse items here at Tufts:

The Tufts Freecycle Elist is a way for people across campus (and between campuses) to get rid of their no-longer wanted items, and for people to find free used items they may have a use for.

Some  residence halls on campus have designated freecycle locations where students can leave items they do not need for other students to pick up.

Tufts Buy/Trade/Sell is a private Facebook group for those with email addresses. People frequently post items they would like to trade or sell within the Tufts community.

Tufts Facilities has a surplus program where Tufts departments can request surplus furniture for a nominal delivery fee.