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Tuft’s Freecycle elist was created to help divert good quality items from the landfill. Freecycling is the perfect solution to increase the number of items that are reused across campus.

The elist provides a platform for exchanging items that individuals at Tufts no longer need but others might find use for, and it is open to all members of the Tufts community. The elist can be used for the exchange of work-related items or personal items – all for free.

Examples of items that might be exchanged include the following:

  • AV equipment (not owned by TTS)
  • Lab equipment (not owned by school)
  • Office lamps
  • Bookshelves and filing cabinets
  • Computer chairs
  • Appliances for kitchenettes/breakrooms
  • Personal copiers/printers
  • Office workstations and desks
  • Conference tables
  • Area rugs
  • Office supplies (e.g. printer cartridges, file folders)
  • Children’s items and toys
  • Personal electronics (e.g. printers, TVs)
  • Home furniture

To join:

  1. Log in to Tufts elist portal using your Tufts UTLN and password
  2. Search the elist database for “Freecycle”
  3. Subscribe

Once you have signed up you will receive messages about new items that are being freecycled and you can post your own items that you would like to freecycle

To post to the list, please include all of the following information:

  • Description of the item
  • Location (your building and campus)
  • Photo (if possible)

Please contact with any questions.